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Welcome To Lucid Water Co.

At Lucid Water, we know that drinking lots of water is an important part of your healthy lifestyle.  And we believe that people will drink more water if it’s convenient and great-tasting.

We also believe in providing a sustainable water solution that eliminates the need for single-use plastic water bottles.

Office water dispenser

Introducing the Lucid Water Co. water dispenser with the self-filling bottle. Now you can enjoy the convenience of bottled water without the hassle of lifting and storing all those cumbersome bottles.

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Under counter filtration system


Introducing the Lucid under counter filtration system. This system fits conveniently under your kitchen counter. Now you can enjoy instant filtered water from the comfort of your home while reducing your environmental footprint.

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Help do your part to reduce your environmental footprint.
Switch to fresh, filtered water from Lucid Water Co.




We have been customers for over 10 years and would like to write a note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service and product provided by Lucid Water. We had a leaky tap just recently and a technician came to our facility within a couple hours. Talk about speedy service !
I would love to recommend Lucid Water to anyone who needs fresh water and great service. Keep up the good work.

Delta Pallet


Putting in your water coolers was the best thing we have ever done here.  It is so much better than having to deal with the bottles (making sure we had enough, where to store them and who can lift them in place).  The maintenance on our system has been meticulous and always on time.  You do a fantastic job!  I will most certainly pass your company name along to friends and work associates.

Phaser Fire


Having a constant fresh and cold water supply is invaluable both in terms of never running out and from a Management perspective.  I don’t need to worry about re-supply orders.  The service has also been excellent. Besides the regular maintenance you provide, the only time we had an issue, the unit was swapped out same day!  I would most definitely act as an advocate for Lucid.

i to i Logistics


We are completely satisfied with our partnership with Lucid Water. The water tastes great and the dispensers are cleaned regularly.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucid Water to other businesses.

Modern Sales Co-op


We’re very happy with the service we receive from you.  The only regret we have is not switching to Lucid years ago!  [Our service rep] is always a pleasure to see when she comes in to service the cooler.  I’ll definitely recommend you to friends who are looking for the service or who already receive water service from elsewhere and might be willing to switch.

Mechanix Wear Canada


I love working with Jenny! She is so knowledgeable when it comes to water and knows exactly what my requirements are in getting water into my work and residence that is right for me. I love my 3 filter under counter system that took seconds to install. I never have to worry about clean, fresh water as it’s always there. I love filling up my Lucid Water Bottle. Call Jenny if you need a new filtration system in your home or office. 

SPIRO Creative




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