Under Counter Filtration Systems


Many people today are enjoying fresh, purified water dispensed from a filtration system installed under their kitchen sink.  The convenience and great taste of filtered water naturally leads to higher consumption by every household member.  And we all know that drinking lots of water is so good for you.  But filtration systems are also good for the environment.  People who have a filtration system can fill their own reusable water bottles instead of purchasing plastic water bottles. Continue reading

Lead in the Water

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Lead is everywhere in our environment. With significant reductions of lead in consumer products (such as paints and gasoline) over the past several years however, food and water are now the primary sources of exposure to lead.  Its presence in drinking water is more likely in older homes and structures, built when lead-containing materials were routinely used in distribution and plumbing systems.  In Canada, widespread installation of lead service lines occurred up until 1975. Additionally, the use of solder containing lead for new plumbing and in repairs to plumbing continued until 1986. Continue reading

The Truth about Alkaline Water

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You may have heard that alkaline water — water that’s less acidic than plain tap water — is healthier for you.

According to John Berardi, Ph.D., who is founder of Precision Nutrition, the world’s largest online nutrition coaching company, this might not be the case.

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Checklist of 15 things to consider when researching water filtration vendors

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There is a misconception that exists in our industry that all water filtration systems are the same, except some are cheaper than others.  Competitors will approach our customers and tell them that they will provide the same product, but at a lower cost.  At first, it sounds like a great deal, right?  But when you really start looking into it, you will see there are actually a lot of differences.  And you will also find out that you get what you pay for.  So, to avoid making any mistakes when researching water filtration vendors, I have compiled a checklist of things to consider before you make a decision based solely on cost.  For your convenience, you can even print off this Checklist here.  So go ahead and compare.  Lucid Water’s answers to all the questions on this checklist are provided below. Continue reading

How Clean is your Water Bottle?

water bottleDo you have a bottled water cooler in your home or office? You may have noticed that most of the 18.9 L water bottles have a very narrow neck and so you can’t reach inside the bottle to wipe it out and clean it. So have you ever wondered how your bottled water supplier cleans out these bottles?

Well, it turns out that most water companies ‘clean’ them out by shooting high pressure water and soap inside them, and then rinsing them out. The bottles are re-used until they crack and break, so these bottles are put through this process many, many times. You might be thinking….it’s just water in there – how dirty can it get?  Well, you’d be surprised.

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Hydrated and Happy Employees in 2017

Happy People Water Cooler (2)

Everybody loves fresh tasting water at work! And everyone knows the benefits of staying hydrated throughout the work day. One of the top resolutions for 2017 is to get healthier and drink more water! And we are here to help. There are so many advantages to have a water cooler in the office but you may still have some important questions.  What is the best system for our office? What are the differences with the filtration processes? Are the health benefits of cleaner water really that significant?  How long does it take to install?

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H2O or H2Woe?

Remember last month I mentioned EcoJustice quoting 1500 water issues at any given time? [1] Here is one of those issues… Foleyet, ON population 193 [2] is under a drinking water advisory [3] which is dramatically different than a boil order.

When you’re placed under a boil order you need to boil your water before using it; when you face a drinking water advisory boiling your water may not make it safe either. You can do your laundry, except for small children’s laundry; that’s how bad it is.

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The Problems with Water

According to EcoJustice there are 1500 water issues in Canada at any given time. [1]

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you were told the water coming out of the tap was not safe? You can ask the people in Harstfield how they do it – for 13 years – not kidding. Or you could bring it closer to home and just ask the people in White Rock.

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