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Introducing the Lucid Water Co. water dispenser with the self-filling bottle.

The Lucid water dispenser is an alternative to delivered bottled water. It is plumbed into your existing water supply, and the water is filtered right at the cooler.

Self-filling bottle

The self-filling bottle is BPA-free and allows you to see the water before you drink it. It also acts as an extra holding tank, and so is perfect for high consumption locations.

Exclusive trio of filters

The Lucid water dispenser comes with a triple stage filtration system built in to the back of the dispenser.   The trio of filters are exclusive to Lucid Water Co., and are custom designed to work with the unique characteristics of British Columbia’s water supply.  A breakdown of the filters used are described here.

Service and Maintenance

The Lucid water dispenser is available for rent only, and includes a service agreement. Service is scheduled automatically every 3 months, and includes installation, inspection, full sanitization, exterior clean, and filter changes once per year.


It is not necessary to have your Lucid water dispenser located next to a sink. As long as there is some kind of a water source somewhere in the building – even if it is 500 feet away – we can install your new Lucid water dispenser and you can start enjoying the benefits of the self-filling water bottle right away. Not sure if it would be feasible in your building? No problem. Just contact us for a free scope-out.

office water dispenser

No more fluctuating invoices.

For one flat monthly fee, you will enjoy…

  • Unlimited mineral-rich water
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and inspecting your dispenser every 3 months
  • All filter replacements
  • Free cooler replacements, broken tap replacements or any other extra service calls
  • Free cooler installation and relocations
  • Free hook-up to your coffee machine

Water Filtration cooler
Environmentally sustainable

The Lucid water dispenser is also environmentally friendly. There is zero water waste (unlike reverse osmosis, de-mineralized water, which wastes more water than is consumed). There are no delivery trucks required, which means less vehicle emissions and traffic congestion. And there is no need to replace bottles, which means less plastic in our landfills.

Office water coolers in BC